Who we are?

Through its actions, the NGO Stand for Life and Liberty wants to build with young people from Africa and around the world, a unique and singular model of promotion of human rights, through education in order to promote development in phase with their own realities.

• Promote human rights through education by raising awareness, protecting the weak, women and children.
• Promote education through the training of young people with a focus on African political and geopolitical issues.
• Promote development through the empowerment of all social strata and job creation.

Educate young people in the understanding of human rights, the awakening of consciences in order to be the actors of their own change

• To make the understanding of human rights accessible to young people
• To combat all forms of ignorance through education
• To promote democracy and combat inequalities
• To carry out development projects linked to human rights in favor of social groups vulnerable in order to eradicate poverty
• Educate, sensitize and inform women and children on issues of national interest in host countries
• Promote the rights of immigrants
• Act to build peace, and values ​​related to respect for life
• Participate in training initiatives for the young people of each nation on the cultural values ​​that are specific to them
• Protect the rights of all human beings, the rights of children, women and the poor
• Promote health and the protection of the environment