We stand together


Promote human rights through education by raising awareness, protecting the weak, women and children


Educate young people in the understanding of human rights, the awakening of consciences in order to be the actors of their own change


To make the understanding of human rights accessible to young people

The meaning of our fight

Building humanity is the noblest of aspirations. Ravaged by the various ills that undermine it, it tries to give meaning to its march towards its destiny. The youth, caught up in the speed of the world’s evolution, seems to be losing its bearings. In the firmament of their reflection men and women decide to take their destiny into their own hands. To mark their passage on earth, they have decided to trace, in the silence of their reflection, the path towards individual and collective fulfilment. In the vitality of their actions, they have come together to impact the march of humanity. They stand up. Standing up, with in their hearts, their desire to create around them and in their momentum, a more humane, more fulfilled, more free and prosperous world. Standing up, with in their souls, the conviction written in golden letters that the struggle for a better world is deep aspiration of every individual. Hence the idea of creating a global movement to be the channel of emancipation and expression for the voiceless. They fight for the life, liberty, and well-being of all humanity. Hence the creation of Stand for Life and Liberty (S2L)